At Guangzhou, more than 30 accountants & finance managers gathered to learn how to control factory cost.

20 factory managers gathering to enrich their knowledge of the latest China Custom rules and regulations

A group of engineering managers analyzing the "Design for Assembly" technique with our expert instructor - Mr. Kevin Hop

At Guangzhou, 25 senior operation managers gaining knowledge of financial management

More than 20 Human Resources Managers in Shenzhen learning the latest labour law & rules in China

At Hong Kong, 33 CEOs from different factories attending a class on how to set up a new factory, instructed by our expert instructor - Mr. Michel Baudin (co-organized with HKPC)

50 participants from various industries taking a group photo of a PMC program in Shenzhen

40 Managers from Purchasing, PMC & Finance departments attending a class in Shenzhen

At Dongguan, 30 factory supervisors being trained the management skill of piloting ShopFloor

20 Senior Engineers completed a two day class on how to play roles of advancing to management

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