Michel Baudin

Since 1987, Michel Baudin has consulted for such clients as Honda of America, Dell Computer, Canon Virginia, Boeing, Raytheon, Unilever, MetalEurop, the CIADEA automotive group, Hoechst, and others on lean manufacturing implementation, and for high-technology companies like Hewlett Packard, Intel, Motorola. Winbond, and National Semiconductor on production scheduling, process transfer from R&D to production, and computer system architecture for manufacturing applications. He also designed the MS/X OnTime production scheduler marketed by Tyecin Systems and led the EU-funded INRECA research project.

Since 1995, he has taught short courses on the details of lean manufacturing, the management of lean manufacturing implementation, the lean approach to quality, and lean manufacturing for small and medium-size companies, as well as customized in-house seminars for consulting clients. These courses have been offered to the public through UC Berkeley extension, the University of Dayton's Center for Competitive Change, and the Hong Kong Productivity Center, and have been used in house by Honda, Boeing, Canon, Raytheon, Applied Materials, VDO, Siemens, and others.

His prior experience includes being a director of the Menlo Park Technology Center of Teknekron Corporation, leading a group at Schlumberger/Fairchild that designed, tested, and supported maintenance management, production scheduling, and quality control software that is in use in semiconductor factories; giving technical support for CIM installations in Japan on behalf of Consilium corporation; and implementing the OPT scheduling system in two General Motors factories.

Mr. Baudin is author of two books, Lean Assembly , from Productivity Press (2002) and Manufacturing Systems Analysis , from Prentice Hall (1990) as well as 22 articles and papers in various journals since 1977. His academic background includes a Master's Degree in Engineering from the Ecole des Mines , Paris; work at the Hahn-Meitner Institute of Berlin; and research at the University of Tokyo . He is a senior fellow of the University of Dayton's Center for Competitive Change , and a member of the IMSE External Advisory Board of Ohio University . Michel Baudin is fluent in French, Japanese, and German, and is learning Spanish.

Preston Smith

Being the former Rocket Scientist of NASA and Ph.D. in engineering from Stanford University, Mr. Smith began specializing in rapid product development since 1984, and earned Certified Management Consultant (CMC) standing in 1990. Preston has consulted on highly effective new product development techniques and time to market over a wide variety of industries in many countries. His client companies span the motor vehicle, power tool, medical electronics, food packaging, chemical, sports equipment, computer, telecommunications, semi-conductor, and industrial equipment industries.

Prior to 1986, Preston gained broad engineering and technology management experience over a period of twenty years through employment with Boeing, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, IBM, Lucent Technologies, General Motors, Ensco (a government transportation safety contractor) and Institute for Defense Analyses & Emhart (Black & Decker). He also has given seminars and workshops in 32 countries, and he has taught product development at renowned universities.

Publications: Amazon.com consistently ranks Preston's book below among the three most popular product development titles. Over 100,000 copies are in use by management in many industries. 1.Developing Products in Half the Time: New Rules, New Tools - John Wiley & Sons, 1998. 2.Proactive Risk Management: Controlling Uncertainty in Product Development - Productivity Press, 2002

Kevin Hop

With 25 years of working experience in manufacturing taking roles in engineering management and plant management, Mr. Hop specializes in the areas of lean manufacturing methods used by Honda and Toyota. He has 11 years working with Honda as a manager in the areas of quality, supplier development, engine assembly, iron casting and motorcycle production.

During this career at Honda, Mr. Hop was a leader of new model development in Parts Quality and Engine Assembly Departments. He learned and applied the methods of new product development that Honda is famous for. All of his product launches were on time, on schedule and on budget. Those products went on to achieve record sales levels and receive a record level of quality awards from organizations such as J.D. Powers and Consumer Reports.

During these new product development cycles, he was responsible for starting up over 100 new suppliers to Honda in North America. This included the development of new processes and systems in their factories to produce new products in development. In addition, he has been a trainer and consultant in the area of lean manufacturing since 1998. He has trained over 1000 people with these methods in North America, Europe and Asia in the past few years.

Jim Ayers

Jim Ayers has 28 years of consulting experience, directed at operations strategy and profit improvement. Through his career, Jim has contributed frequently through professional societies, published articles and books, and speaking to groups from diverse industries. He authored Improving Your Competitive Position , published by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He recently spoke to Korean CEO's on incorporating supply chain management into strategic planning. He is author of a book titled Handbook of Supply Chain Management published by St. Lucie Press.

Jim has a BS in Engineering with distinction from the U.S. Naval Academy. He served in the Navy aboard nuclear submarines. He also holds an MBA and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. He is a CMC and has held partner level positions at Theodore Barry & Associates, Coopers & Lybrand, and Ingersoll Engineers (now the Bourton Group). In these roles, Jim headed major manufacturing and supply chain related consulting practices.

Crispin Vincenti-Brown

Crispin Vincenti-Brown has been a driving force in the Bourton Group's international activities since 1975, and managed French and Italian offices for 10 years before moving to the US in 1989. From the start of 1998 Crispin has been based in Europe where the focus of his activities is on a high-technology international manufacturing clientele.

Crispin's industrial skills are in the strategic and operational management of complex, high technology manufacturing businesses, in commercial aerospace, automotive, and electronics. He is well known for his work in developing strategies for the Agile Enterprise R , and service chain management. Much of his work with clients focuses on improving the responsiveness and robustness of product/service delivery. Crispin utilizes a "make it happen" approach, taking an assignment from conceptualization through implementation. Examples of success for Crispin's pragmatic approach to rapid operational breakthroughs include the following:

  • Introducing new operational approaches to composites manufacturing in Europe, the U.S., and Canada.
  • Strategic planning for multinational consortia in the international aerospace industry.
  • Planning, installation, and start-up of an agile computer assembly facility in France.
  • Restructuring corporate operations for the largest power generation equipment manu facturer in Italy
  • Designing and starting a high-volume diesel engine manufacturing facility in Tunisia
Crispin is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and an active member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. In addition, he serves on the board of directors of the Operations Management Association and on the advisory board of the American Product Excellence Award. He is widely published in many languages on subjects ranging from energy conservation in manufacturing plants to bank financing of industrial projects. Crispin is a regular speaker and lecturer at international conferences, business schools, and universities.

Following an apprenticeship with a French aerospace machine tool company, Crispin graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK, with an honors degree in engineering production and is a chartered engineer. Prior to joining Ingersoll Engineers, he managed a machine tool manufacturing facility. His US clients include Boeing, BP, Caterpillar, Cessna, Ingersoll-Dresser, Loral, Martin Marietta, Sundstrand, Taylor Made, Textron, and Westinghouse. In Europe, Crispin has worked with Airbus Industries, Alenia, Alfa Romeo, Arianespace, British Aerospace, Bull, Cummins, Fiat, Fokker, MBB, Philips, Rolls Royce, and Unilever, among others.

Hormoz Mogarei

As manufacturing manager in a leading automotive part company for the past seven years, Hormoz Mogarei has implemented JIT/lean production, continuous improvement, assembly line balancing, reductions in lead time and WIP, elimination of finished goods inventory, takt time adjustments, use of Kanbans and of the sequential production system, and one-piece flow. The combination of all these achievements led to the highest level of quality.

Hormoz has been solving daily problems in a high-volume production environment where the absence of finished goods inventory leaves no room for error. His hands-on knowledge of planning and implementation for cost saving and waste elimination projects, together with excellent communication skills have enabled him to be effective and get the work force excited even in a union-shop environment.

Hormoz Mogarei holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and has 11 years of experience.

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